"We were unsure how we could leverage the potential of AI, as there are so many options. Speaking the same language that we do, The AI Company was able to identify the biggest gains and conduct a successful pilot project"

Global Fortune-500 Food Retail company


Our artificial intelligence use cases include and our past experience include:

Automate labour-intensive processes by automating manual steps

Automatically send e-mail to procurement officer before supply runs short

Automate customer segment analysis and offer new products and campaigns based on better-identified segments

Detect anomalies of suppliers through pricing, third party data, and email or phone calls .

Join our leading and global customers located in Switzerland (Zürich, Basel, Bern, Geneva, Zug region) by providing us with your e-mail and any objective or metric that you want to optimize you have in mind

<< Accelerate existing processes,

saving costs >>

<< Identify new opportunities,

increasing revenue >>

<< Make more accurate predictions,

increasing margins >>

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