Successful AI Strategy & Discovery

Transforming a company to make use of machine learning & AI technology is a complex but rewarding process. Our process is tested in both small companies and Fortune 500 giants, and repeatedly lead to success due to the agile and risk-prune procedure, constantly confirming tractable business value. 


We identify all key stakeholders, especially leaders facing the biggest challenges. We introduce you to artificial intelligence and liaison what areas of the company are open for impact. Together with your decision makers, we set the key objectives and expectations for our workshops.

Week 1

Stakeholder Interviews

AI Workshops & Business Objectives

With your leaders we assess the current status and strategize the way forward. In workshops with key stakeholders we identify the business challenges and provide insight into the various fields of AI with exemplary use-cases of your industry

Week 2 - 3

Auditing & Ideation

Data sources & use cases

With our world-class data scientists, we shortlist possible data sources to be leveraged by you. We identify the most beneficial and implementable use-cases and provide a risk-benefit analysis for them, accounting for the major business challenges that you are facing, the fitness of the data, and the composition of your team.

Week 4

Debriefing & Pilots

Roadmaps, blueprints & presentations

We deliver a roadmap on how you can implement the use-cases in your processes. We also provide technical blueprints and suggest an appropriate team-structure for a successful transformation. We finalize by having a short presentation with all involved stakeholders. We offer pilot projects if you decide to move on with the identified use-case.

<< Accelerate existing processes,

saving costs >>

<< Identify new opportunities,

increasing revenue >>

<< Make more accurate contract and spend estimates,

increasing margins >>

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