Successful Pilot Projects with AISuite™

Transforming a company to make use of machine learning & AI technology is a complex but rewarding process. Our process is tested in both small companies and Fortune 500 giants, and repeatedly lead to success due to the agile and risk-prune procedure, constantly confirming tractable business value. 


Launch & Data Release

Together, we agree on clear business objectives we want to achieve and a corresponding use-case. If no use-cases are identified yet, we also offer our Sarif solution to efficiently identify a list of possible use-cases and rank them by business impact.

Month 1-2

Data Exploration

Explore, visualize & pre-process

We take data samples by secure data transfer (no connection to APIs are built yet). We analyse the data to understand key properties about the use-case and how it aligns with the business objective. If the data is not fit, we provide feedback on how to improve the data quality and offer to pivot in an agile manner to more impactful use-cases.

Month 3-6

Model Synthesis

Develop & optimize AI algorithms

Our world-class data scientists find the models which are able to solve the use-case and provide business impact. With our AISuite™, we develop state-of-the-art machine and deep learning models specifically for your use case. We iterate multiple times with feedback from you.

Month 4-7

Testing & Reporting

Test performance of AI

We focus on testing the model in different scenarios. We do this with the provided data samples. Our pilot project provides seamlss transition to other use-cases and full-scale deployment

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