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We support you in formulating your AI strategy. We identify opportunities for your business. We prioritize the opportunities by impact and lay out clear execution plans. Lean more...


We identify use-cases and develop digital prototypes fast using our AISuite™️. Our metric is clearly added business value and impact. Learn more...



Leveraging our field-tested state-of-the-art algorithms, we develop the optimal algorithms for your use-case. We develop an integration plan and put your AI solution to work. E-mail us...

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The Best Artificial Intelligence made in Switzerland

On a strategic level, AI can help to identify new business opportunities, new vendors and suppliers. On an operational level, it can help to automate redundant processes and manual tasks, allowing employees to take on more strategic and important challenges. This allows you to increase margins, increase revenue, and decrease operational deficiencies. Learn more...

Besides better supply chain management by analysing and exploiting newly gained knowledge. We also develop technology that makes better process predictions than existing methods, allowing for preventive measures and predictive maintenance. Our most recent line of research includes automatic parameter optimization for more cost-efficient processes and increased production output. Learn more...

Repetitive tasks can be left to machines while humans can put more emphasis on the fun and human side of work: Understanding customers, coming up with new campaigns and offering their clients what they really want. Artificial intelligence can help in doing so by providing valuable insights into how new customer segments and individual customers will respond to certain products and marketing campaigns, and make operational processes as well as the supply chain automatic and more efficient. Learn more...

Although AI will never be able to replace physicians or doctors, it can very well help to increase efficiency my magnitude, and possibly democratize the most advanced diagnostics tools. This increases operational efficiency, personalizes medicine and allows doctors to make better decisions. Learn more...


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Do you already know how you want to implement Artificial Intelligence? Are you devising a new business strategy or do you want to understand what impact Machine Learning can bring to you? We help you from identifying use-cases, estimating potential business impact and implementing projects from the pilot phase to company-wide software solutions. Contact us for business inquiries and consulting.

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