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Products for Recruiters and HR Professionals

Our products tailored at recruiters and HR professionals allow you to process more applications and candidates faster. You can match more candidates per time, increasing your total candidate placement. As a recruiter, you save time, and enjoy your work more.

Match More People to Jobs

Hireloop is our complete assistant for recruiters and HR-professionals. Automatically enrich your job-postings with occupation labels and skill labels. We support a number of taxonomies, such as the European Skills and Occupany Framework ESCO, ONET, and custom ontologies, taxonomies and frameworks that you might be using.

Process Job Postings Faster

Tired of reading hundreds of words in job-postings just to understand what the job is about? Our text-understanding suite is able to parse job descriptions, and provide you with parameters such as (1) function, (2) salary, (3) benefits, and many more attributes.


Products for Procurement Officers & Distributors

Our products tailored at procurement officers and distributors allow you to automatically extract line items, and generate quotes based on previous interactions with your customer. Process more requests for quotes, decrease time spent in operational processes.

Process more Quotes

Are you flooded with request for quotes with e-mails that include PDFs, and Excel sheets with dozens of line-items? Our products can parse a number of document types, extract the line-items that the customer wants. You can respond to customers faster, increasing customer satisfaction and customer turnover time.

Respond to Customers Faster

Quickly identify the factors that make your customers reach out to you. Automatically archive and report all your customers feedback. Our text-understanding suite makes space so you can focus on your customer inquiries.


Advisory & Other Services

Do you have data, and want to understand how you can leverage these better? Are you looking for sparring partners on-demand? We offer custom solutions and advisory services, also in the domains of import/export, as well as blockchain-technologies. Reach out to us over e-mail and or through an introduction.

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